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Lee and Low Books Specializing in Multi-cultural themes

From the website:  “Our focus is on fiction and nonfiction featuring children/people of color, for readers ages 5 to 12. Of special interest are realistic fiction, historical fiction, and nonfiction with a distinct voice or unique approach. We do not publish folklore and animal stories.”


Education Markets

Evelyn Christensen has just updated her free market blog. This is one of the best places for children’s authors and Evelyn does all this for free.

Infobase Learning

This group includes Facts on File. There’s a lot to read here but looks like good information.

Jack 1

My nephew, Jack, not only loves MX, he’s a winning speller and student. Combining outdoor activities with school studies is a winning combination for young children.

Capstone Press

Another publisher open to submission, Capstone Press publishes non-fiction books, and a few of my writer friends write for this publisher. Here are the guidelines:

October 2012

My articles and poems are in these magazines.


Ideals Books is open to submissions

I do not know this publisher but found it on the web and it looks very interesting. I’m going to check this one out more. If you write for children up to the age of 8, you might consider this one.

I have just finished two manuscripts that were requested for the Bluffton Group magazines. It’s always a good feeling to send a manuscript on its way, after all the work and the many edits.


Charlesbridge Publishing

Here is the submission website for Charlesbridge. They publish wonderful children’s books.

My best advice, that I also need to take, is to read, read, read children’s books. We learn from all of them.

img008 web

I have had many non-fiction articles, with my photographs, published in children’s magazines and a few books. I love non-fiction writing, but poetry and fiction are important to me too. What do you like best? Read and study and read more, the magazines and books you’d like to be published in.

Super Good website for children’s writers

I just found this site myself. Looks good, with all kinds of information including children’s publishers’ links.