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Bluffton Publisher

For open themes for the Bluffton Group, start with this link:

I have written many articles for these three magazines. If you can submit photos with your manuscript, your chances of acceptance greatly increase.


Unsettling Wonder

I have not written for this magazine, but if you write for teens and YA and like folklore and fairy tale, this might be a publisher you are interested in. They are also looking for poetry, and not many publishers are at this time.

From the website: Unsettling Wonder publishes works that treat folklore and fairy tale as a living art form. We publish twice a year. Submissions are read on a rolling basis. Acceptances are limited to only a few stories and poems each issue.


Dead Horse BUGS & BLOG

Kaeden Books

I have not submitted to this publisher before, but if you are interested in the children’s educational market, take a look.

I am always interested in finding new markets. If you have suggestions, please contact me and I will post here.

Hopscotch Magazine


I often write for this magazine and the other two in the Bluffton Group. I received this author’s copy today, with my article and photographs. There are no ads in these magazines, and they are now going to full color and enlarging. If you are interested, check out the guidelines. Note that puzzles, stories, poems and all sorts of manuscripts can be submitted. If you have photos, that is even better.