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Print Books

As more publishers continue to not accept unsolicited manuscripts, it has become harder for writers who wish to write for print books.

Charlesbridge does accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Here are more details on submissions:

It isn’t easy when we are unknown to an editor; we must make it past the first-reader and that can be hard. But I did it in the past and my goal is to reenter the children’s market, both fiction and non-fiction.

Here is their 2017 catalog. This is a valuable resource for writers to learn to known what type books are published by this company.



Margot Finke’s Website

Talk about a wealth of information for children’s writers! Be sure to check out Margot’s wonderful website.

The Cricket Group

It is getting harder and harder to submit to many magazines. The Cricket group magazines no longer accept hard copies and we have to submit via their website. If we have photographs, how do we submit? I haven’t been able, so far, to figure that out. I’ll keep researching this and let you know of any progress. I’m regularly published in children’s magazines, including photos that support my articles. I have been published in the “Bug Magazines” in the past. It is frustrating, being an author these days.

But in the meantime, if you want to submit, here is the website:

And I hope you are accepted!

For Christian writers

You might want to check this out. I have not written for this group but it looks interesting.

Union Gospel Press

Education Markets

Evelyn Christensen has just updated her free market blog. This is one of the best places for children’s authors and Evelyn does all this for free.

Infobase Learning

This group includes Facts on File. There’s a lot to read here but looks like good information.

Jack 1

My nephew, Jack, not only loves MX, he’s a winning speller and student. Combining outdoor activities with school studies is a winning combination for young children.