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Spigot Science Magazine

I am not familiar with this magazine but found it while researching markets. They do have themes and appear open to new writers.


Spellbound Fantasy Magazine

If you write fantasy for middle-grade readers, be sure to check out Spellbound.

Here are guidelines for Turtle, Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill

Writers’ Guidelines

All excellent magazines and I have been published in them.

Guide Magazine

I thought Guide Magazine had been discontinued but I might be wrong. If you click on the link there is a list of themes for 2014. I had also heard it was changed to online, but now it appears it is in print. If interested, write the publisher and find out, because this has been an excellent magazine for Christian writers.

If I find them I will also post information about publications for Jewish and other religions.

For Christian writers

You might want to check this out. I have not written for this group but it looks interesting.

Union Gospel Press

Spider Magazine

I just found this site by the Cricket group. Click on the link to read a sample copy of Spider. Probably this can also be done for the rest of the magazines too.

Sparkle Magazine

Sparkle is a Christian magazine for girls in grades 1-3. This website has detailed writer’s guidelines – I wish they were all this good! This is a paying market.