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Writing science for children

If you’re interested in writing science for children, check out this website.



How Stuff Works

This is an interesting website, full of all kinds of information. You might not ever need it, but take a look around so you know what’s there.

E Books on Amazon

I have friends who are publishing E Books on Amazon. Some are doing quite well, and enjoy the freedom of being in charge of their own book. All of these people have been published a number of times in print magazines and books.

I haven’t done this, but did download the link for Building Your Book on Kindle. From what I’ve been told, there is a learning curve, but once you get that down it’s easy enough. It also pays to be proficient at WORD but OPEN OFFICE can also be used. As I gradually learn more I’ll keep you posted.

You might start here:

I have downloaded this to two computers with no problems.


This photo of my grandson and his dog was published with an article in one of the Bluffton group magazines. If you can take good photos, this is a big help with this magazine group.

Just some thoughts

Things have been tough in my life lately, and someone I love is losing his life at a relatively young age. I’m not writing this to depress anyone, but because of this situation I haven’t written as much as I used to. A few of the editors I worked for on a regular basis, no longer ask for submissions, because I didn’t respond to their requests. And yet I know writing is a relief for me and takes me out of the world’s problems. So, take this advice or leave it, but keep on writing. When life gets tough, maybe starting a new manuscript or working on an old one is just what you need. And, I can’t thank the two main editors I work with now for sticking with me. Many thanks for those who follow this blog. I plan on giving valuable information for new and experienced writers. As I do this and research information, I learn a great deal too.

Zebra Longwing KIDS BLOG

Fun for Kidz Magazine group

If you use Facebook, the Fun for Kidz group has its own page. There might be information you can use. Always remember, if you take photographs to support your story, you’ll stand a better chance of acceptance.

Margot Finke’s Website

Talk about a wealth of information for children’s writers! Be sure to check out Margot’s wonderful website.

Writing a Picture Book

Margot Finke gives excellent advice in this article, taken from Harold Underdown’s website. Be sure to check out both of these people. They are among the best for children’s authors. I highly recommend you refer to their messages.