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Print Books

As more publishers continue to not accept unsolicited manuscripts, it has become harder for writers who wish to write for print books.

Charlesbridge does accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Here are more details on submissions:

It isn’t easy when we are unknown to an editor; we must make it past the first-reader and that can be hard. But I did it in the past and my goal is to reenter the children’s market, both fiction and non-fiction.

Here is their 2017 catalog. This is a valuable resource for writers to learn to known what type books are published by this company.




Do you belong? It’s important that writers for children check out this organization, the leading one for writers like us. Editors like to know we belong too. Every year they update their publishing guide, one of the best there is.

Rhyme Zone

I couldn’t write poetry without Rhyme Zone.

A Breanne 1 KIDS BLOG

Are you on Facebook?

There are many children’s writer’s groups. Ask to join and I’m sure you’ll be accepted. I’ve learned a lot in the groups and made new friends, even met a few of them in person. I think Facebook is an excellent source for writers.

Getting out of the slush pile

We all want out of the slush pile, and it took me years to do so. Here’s a good article from the excellent Write for Kids website.

How to Rise from the Slush Pile When Submitting to Publishers

Publisher’s Catalogs

Many publishers will send printed catalogs of their books for the year. These are free and most will be sent by regular mail if you request. It’s a good way to see the kind of material the publisher concentrates on and what they are interested in printing. I’ve also found that once I have requested a catalog, often publishers will continue to send the catalogs in future years, without another request.

Also, many are now on Facebook; another good source of material.

Writing science for children

If you’re interested in writing science for children, check out this website.