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Early Light Books

If you are interested in science, and especially if you have a background in this field, check out Early Light Books. This is a good website with easy to access information, including recent books published.


Creative Teaching Press Guidelines

If you write for the education market, or are thinking of doing so, here are the guidelines for this publisher

I have not submitted to this publisher, but hope to in the future. I am not a teacher, but with a BS in Science and a master’s degree, and 35 years of working in the science field of human biology, education

markets have selected my work a number of times. I also helped teach preschool as a volunteer for many years, and that background has helped me reach editors.

If you are a teacher, or have a background in education, and want to write for the education market, be sure to put your knowledge to use, and be sure to let the editor know in your cover letter. If you are an

expert of knowledgeable in a field, again, put this in your cover letter, the first time you approach an editor.

Writing for the Education Market

 I have been published in a few books and other publications for the children’s education market, but am far from being knowledgeable about this. For the expert on this subject, click on Evelyn Christensen’s link here.

Ask Magazine

Here are a few links for Ask Magazine, part of the Cricket group:

Articles are commissioned and I don’t see a set pay rate. I’ve written for other Cricket magazines, but not this one. However, if there is a theme coming up that I want to write for, I will submit.

Here is a review of the February, 2014 group:

I enjoy writing for the Cricket group and have been published by them a number of times. However, keep in mind that they have been slow to pay in recent years. You will be paid, but lately I’ve been waiting almost a year.

Good Article

Good article on letting your characters tell the story, by Marilyn Kratz

I have been ordering brochures from the book publishers showing what they recently published. These are free and come by regular mail. I think it gives a writer a handle on what is being published and the ideas that the publishers are looking for, or at least were looking for recently. Almost all the children’s book publishers offer these for free and can be ordered on the internet. There is never a charge.