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On Writing


In 2015, due to my husband’s health, I had to give up writing for almost two years to care for him. He is doing well and now I’m able to return to my writing, which I have greatly missed. So when an author’s copy of a magazine arrived today, I’m taking it as a good sign.


Getting out of the slush pile

We all want out of the slush pile, and it took me years to do so. Here’s a good article from the excellent Write for Kids website.

How to Rise from the Slush Pile When Submitting to Publishers

One of the best sites

You can’t go wrong with Harold Underdown. I learn something every time I check his site.


Good author to check out

I know I’ll learn a lot from this prolific children’s author. She’s written over 100 science books. I am a biologist, but I haven’t taken advantage of my background as much as I should. Time to correct that.

Write For Kids

A good website, especially if you’re new to writing for children.

Shine Brightly magazine for girls

I have not written for this magazine, but I have friends who’ve been published in it. If you like to write Christian messages for girls, check it out.

Due to life’s circumstances I haven’t posted as much as I should, but that is hopefully changing. Please visit my blog often as I bring information to children’s writers. This is my passion in life.

Writing for the Education Market

 I have been published in a few books and other publications for the children’s education market, but am far from being knowledgeable about this. For the expert on this subject, click on Evelyn Christensen’s link here.