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Cicada Magazine

Here are the guidelines for Cicada Magazine. I have not written for this magazine, but if you like writing for teens, this might be for you. It looks, again, like submissions are now done online. We’re seeing more of this.


Writing Dialogue

Seven Easy Ways to Keep Dialogue Sharp

By Carolyn Howard-Johnson and posted by Evelyn Christensen on her excellent blog.

The Classroom Bookshelf

Another good blog for non-fiction children’s writers.

I’ve been taking photographs of the changing Aspens in Northern Arizona. It seems they are more beautiful each year, or am I a better photographer? Whatever the reason, I want to write about this, why leaves change color and when they do it and why only some trees. Every time I write non-fiction I learn a lot.

I have one more assignment to finish, on boy’s basketball (and I’m learning a lot there too) and next I think I’ll write about the leaves and submit it without an assignment. I want to branch out, submit to other publishers rather than just the two I often write for. Back to the slush pile, but that’s part of writing.

I hope that wherever you are, you’re enjoying fall colors too.


Writing Non-Fiction

If you write non-fiction, be sure to read this. I know I’m going to read it thoroughly. The more I learn the more I know how little I know!

Celebrate Science

I just discovered this excellent blog by Melissa Stewart, who has written over 150 nonfiction books for children. Like me, she’s a scientist, not a teacher, and I know I’ll learn a lot from her blog and webpage. If you like writing for science, check this out.

Canyon de Chelly-104 WILD MAMMALS & CBLOG

I’m also a photographer, so will occasionally include my photos. These are free-roaming Indian ponies in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

Children’s Author

From time to time I’ll post the websites of children’s authors I find interesting and who write material I’m interested in.  This author has published many books with major publishers and is a speaker among many other endeavors. Very accomplished and I’m impressed. I think we can all learn from other established authors.

Write 4 Children Yahoo Group

If you are interested in joining a Yahoo group about writing for children’s magazines, check out this link.