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Markets that are closed

Many print and online magazines have closed. This is not good news for us writers, but important to know.

Here is Evelyn Christensen’s list of closed markets:


Chronicle Books

This publisher of children’s books is accepting unsolicited submissions. I have not submitted to Chronicle but plan on doing so in the future.

They publish fiction and non-fiction.

It has been too long

Over a year since I last posted. Family concerns took me away from my writing, but I am called to write and so am back again and, hopefully, this time to stay. As always, I will try to bring my followers of this blog up to date with news about writing for children. I know I’ll be back in the “slush pile” as my former editors have left their posts and other magazines have closed. But I also know that if I work at it, I will once again be back in children’s books and magazines. It does take work, no doubt about it.

A big change in recent years is that we now submit a lot more online. Many publishers no longer accept manuscripts the “old way.”

Here is the link for submitting to the “bugs” or the Cricket Group.

If you have any special requests on information for writing for children, please email me at

I also continue to be active in photography. This photo was just published in the Arizona Highways online magazine, in the issue on the Grand Canyon, and I shot this picture at the North Rim. Often my photos have appeared in children’s magazines, and I will post more about how to do that in the coming days.








Lunar Eclipse, Sunday night

There will be a lunar eclipse this Sunday night. Because it is safe to observe this with the naked eye, I hope that some of you will be able to have children watch this eclipse with you. What a fascinating night that could be for a child.

Here is an excellent web page:

How Stuff Works

This is an interesting website, full of all kinds of information. You might not ever need it, but take a look around so you know what’s there.

Just some thoughts

Things have been tough in my life lately, and someone I love is losing his life at a relatively young age. I’m not writing this to depress anyone, but because of this situation I haven’t written as much as I used to. A few of the editors I worked for on a regular basis, no longer ask for submissions, because I didn’t respond to their requests. And yet I know writing is a relief for me and takes me out of the world’s problems. So, take this advice or leave it, but keep on writing. When life gets tough, maybe starting a new manuscript or working on an old one is just what you need. And, I can’t thank the two main editors I work with now for sticking with me. Many thanks for those who follow this blog. I plan on giving valuable information for new and experienced writers. As I do this and research information, I learn a great deal too.

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Keep sending out submissions

Another excellent article by Evelyn Christensen. She is the best. Be sure to check her blogs and websites for excellent information. Keeping track of our submissions is so important, and I need to improve my record keeping too.