Reading books for children

I am going to start going to the library at least once a week, sit and read the newest children’s books, check out a few, and immerse myself again in this endeavor. Everyday I am going to write something – a poem, outline a new book, and write. It’s easy to put off, but important to do.


The Cricket Group

Here is the link for submissions to the Cricket Group of magazines. This is the only place they accept submissions.

On Writing


In 2015, due to my husband’s health, I had to give up writing for almost two years to care for him. He is doing well and now I’m able to return to my writing, which I have greatly missed. So when an author’s copy of a magazine arrived today, I’m taking it as a good sign.

Evelyn Christensen Market Tidbits

This wonderful woman gives writers the best information for free. I highly recommend all her information. Here are her November, 2016 tidbits.

Markets that are closed

Many print and online magazines have closed. This is not good news for us writers, but important to know.

Here is Evelyn Christensen’s list of closed markets:

Chronicle Books

This publisher of children’s books is accepting unsolicited submissions. I have not submitted to Chronicle but plan on doing so in the future.

They publish fiction and non-fiction.

Print Books

As more publishers continue to not accept unsolicited manuscripts, it has become harder for writers who wish to write for print books.

Charlesbridge does accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Here are more details on submissions:

It isn’t easy when we are unknown to an editor; we must make it past the first-reader and that can be hard. But I did it in the past and my goal is to reenter the children’s market, both fiction and non-fiction.

Here is their 2017 catalog. This is a valuable resource for writers to learn to known what type books are published by this company.