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In 2015, due to my husband’s health, I had to give up writing for almost two years to care for him. He is doing well and now I’m able to return to my writing, which I have greatly missed. So when an author’s copy of a magazine arrived today, I’m taking it as a good sign.


Print Books

As more publishers continue to not accept unsolicited manuscripts, it has become harder for writers who wish to write for print books.

Charlesbridge does accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Here are more details on submissions:

It isn’t easy when we are unknown to an editor; we must make it past the first-reader and that can be hard. But I did it in the past and my goal is to reenter the children’s market, both fiction and non-fiction.

Here is their 2017 catalog. This is a valuable resource for writers to learn to known what type books are published by this company.


Writing science for children

If you’re interested in writing science for children, check out this website.


Early Light Books

If you are interested in science, and especially if you have a background in this field, check out Early Light Books. This is a good website with easy to access information, including recent books published.

Writing for the Education Market

 I have been published in a few books and other publications for the children’s education market, but am far from being knowledgeable about this. For the expert on this subject, click on Evelyn Christensen’s link here.

Walker Books

Walker Books for Young Readers
Publishing Directors: Cindy Loh;

Publishes 3 lists per year, each
consisting of approximately 10 picture books
and 4–5 middle grade or teen novels. Primary
interest lies with fiction and nonfiction for
preschool and ages 5–8 as well as middle
grade and teen fiction.

Opportunities for
older nonfiction are limited. No animal
stories, concept books, folktales, fairy tales,
myths, legends, books in series format,
novelties, fantasy, science fiction, or horror.

Query letters: Necessary only for longer
submissions (novels). Include sample,
synopsis, and SASE. Regular mail only; no
e-mail submissions accepted. Response time
5 months.
Multiple submissions: Yes, but please
indicate on query/cover letter.
Unsolicited manuscripts: Yes. No phone
calls regarding status of submissions, please.

I like to post information about publishers open to unsolicited manuscripts because most of us do not have agents. I hope these posts will be helpful as you search for avenues for your writing.

Fulcrum Books

As I research publishers since returning to writing after nearly a year off, I only post here the ones who accept manuscripts and give clear guidelines. This is a “green” publisher and they accept only by e-mail. They are looking for non-fiction and open to submissions.

If you have information about publishers that you’d like to share, please email me.

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