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On Writing


In 2015, due to my husband’s health, I had to give up writing for almost two years to care for him. He is doing well and now I’m able to return to my writing, which I have greatly missed. So when an author’s copy of a magazine arrived today, I’m taking it as a good sign.


Publisher’s Catalogs

Many publishers will send printed catalogs of their books for the year. These are free and most will be sent by regular mail if you request. It’s a good way to see the kind of material the publisher concentrates on and what they are interested in printing. I’ve also found that once I have requested a catalog, often publishers will continue to send the catalogs in future years, without another request.

Also, many are now on Facebook; another good source of material.

Write for Kids

A website presented by Children’s Book Insider. Full of information.

Writing science for children

If you’re interested in writing science for children, check out this website.


Charting Your Story

Interesting article on charting a story? Will I use this information? Not sure, but always learning as I read how other authors work. From one of the pages by Evelyn Christensen, who always supports other authors. She’s a gem.

Alki Beach 6-7-15

The Classroom Bookshelf

Another good blog for non-fiction children’s writers.

I’ve been taking photographs of the changing Aspens in Northern Arizona. It seems they are more beautiful each year, or am I a better photographer? Whatever the reason, I want to write about this, why leaves change color and when they do it and why only some trees. Every time I write non-fiction I learn a lot.

I have one more assignment to finish, on boy’s basketball (and I’m learning a lot there too) and next I think I’ll write about the leaves and submit it without an assignment. I want to branch out, submit to other publishers rather than just the two I often write for. Back to the slush pile, but that’s part of writing.

I hope that wherever you are, you’re enjoying fall colors too.


Ask Magazine

Here are a few links for Ask Magazine, part of the Cricket group:

Articles are commissioned and I don’t see a set pay rate. I’ve written for other Cricket magazines, but not this one. However, if there is a theme coming up that I want to write for, I will submit.

Here is a review of the February, 2014 group:

I enjoy writing for the Cricket group and have been published by them a number of times. However, keep in mind that they have been slow to pay in recent years. You will be paid, but lately I’ve been waiting almost a year.