Skipping Stones Magazine

Skipping Stones is a multi-cultural magazine, open for submissions. Scroll down to Adult Submissions

Note: Payment is in copies, but if you are interested in this market, this can give you recognition. I’m impressed with the many subjects they are interested in.

This list is taken from the website. It’s an excellent website and I suggest you take a look. Not many websites are this well done.

Ideas for Submissions:

  • Cultural or Regional Celebrations: First-hand descriptions (with photos or illustrations)
  • Writings accompanied by children’s artwork
  • Bilingual submissions or writings introducing (using words/phrases from) other languages
  • Folktales, hospitality customs, recipes, music, folk art and architecture from around the world
  • Living Abroad and Immigration: Your memorable experiences
  • Cross-Cultural Communications: Ways we express ourselves through language, proverbs, tales, songs, body language, symbols, etc.
  • International Humor: Jokes, funny stories, riddles, games, cross-cultural mix-ups, etc.
  • Photo Essays on a country or region
  • Families and Community: Getting along, unique gatherings or projects, intergenerational experiences, multilingual families
  • Creative Problem Solving and Peace-Making
  • Cooperative Games, Quizzes, Riddles, Puzzles
  • Life as a Minority: Challenges and successes
  • Living with and Understanding Disabilities
  • Unforgettable Moments: Times of transformation or revelation.
  • Inspirations or Role Models in your life
  • Right Livelihood: Earning a living while helping the world.
  • Technology: Its impacts on the planet.
  • Sustainable Living: Our Mission, Purpose and Challenges. How can we care for the Earth and all its inhabitants?
  • Nature: Unique ecology, resource conservation, endangered species, fighting pollution
  • Taking Action: Reports of or suggestions for children’s involvement in community, ecology or social justice; actions to improve the world
  • Raising Caring Kids: What tools do we use? Improving self-awareness and self-esteem; encouraging creativity, non-violence and tolerance; being a role model
  • Parent/Teacher Guide: Lesson plans, ideas, activities, experiences and suggestions.
  • Any other multicultural, social, international or nature awareness theme that you wish to write about!


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