Crafts for Children

If you are interested in crafts for children, here is one publisher I found. I don’t know anything about this company, but it looks worth checking out. Also, sometimes smaller publishers receive fewer submissions from good writers and artists. For this publisher you must have the ability to take and submit photographs. Pack-o-Fun is the publisher.

Little Children

I have had many crafts and lessons published by Gryphon House Books.  While I am not a teacher, I am a biologist with a master’s degree and volunteered for many years in a preschool , and was accepted as an author by the Gryphon House editor.  My lessons were in books of about 100 and often I had about 10 in a book. This is a nice publisher to work with.

Here is the contact information and keep in mind: They do NOT publish children’s books, but resource books for educators and those involved in working with children.

 Gryphon House

P.O. Box 207
Beltsville MD 20704

Phone: (301)595-9500

Fax: (301)595-0051

Here is the main website:       And the guidelines:

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