Many book publishers do not accept unsolicitated manuscrips

Because so many publishers are overwhelmed with submissions, I will from time to time list some of those too. Although these publishers clearly state they will not  accept manuscripts and will destroy any they receive, they continue to receive them daily. It helps us all to submit only to those publishers who will consider unsolicited material.

I highly recommend joining the SCBWI if you don’t already belong and downloading their extensive market book. After checking the SCBWI market book, I then double check online.

I left writing a year ago to care for someone. Now that I’m writing again, many of my editors have moved or are working with other writers. So, once again, I’m submitting mainly to the slush pile. I realize now that I should have maintained some contact and, fortunate for me, one editor is using my material again. But some advice – once you start working with an editor or publication, be sure to stay in contact, even when those times you might not have the time you want to write.

Henry Holt and Harper Collins are NOT accepting unsolicited material.

Keep on writing! From now on I will be posting almost daily.

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