Walker Books

Walker Books for Young Readers

Publishing Directors: Cindy Loh;

Publishes 3 lists per year, each
consisting of approximately 10 picture books
and 4–5 middle grade or teen novels. Primary
interest lies with fiction and nonfiction for
preschool and ages 5–8 as well as middle
grade and teen fiction.

Opportunities for
older nonfiction are limited. No animal
stories, concept books, folktales, fairy tales,
myths, legends, books in series format,
novelties, fantasy, science fiction, or horror.

Query letters: Necessary only for longer
submissions (novels). Include sample,
synopsis, and SASE. Regular mail only; no
e-mail submissions accepted. Response time
5 months.
Multiple submissions: Yes, but please
indicate on query/cover letter.
Unsolicited manuscripts: Yes. No phone
calls regarding status of submissions, please.

I like to post information about publishers open to unsolicited manuscripts because most of us do not have agents. I hope these posts will be helpful as you search for avenues for your writing.


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